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Startup’s AI Chip Beats GPU

Habana outruns Nvidia in inference
SAN JOSE, Calif. — A startup with ties to Amazon is sampling a 16-nm chip mainly targeted for data centers that it claims handily beats CPUs and GPUs for deep-learning inference jobs. Habana is raising funds…

Move Over GPUs:

Startup’s Chip Claims to Do Deep Learning Inference Better

Habana Labs, a startup that came out of “stealth mode” this week, announced a custom chip that is said to enable much higher machine learning inference performance compared to GPUs…

Habana Enters Machine-Learning Derby with Goya Platform

The Goya HL-1000 board is designed to deliver high performance and low latency for machine-learning applications.
Habana Labs has emerged onto the machine-learning (ML) stage with its Goya HL-1000 processor (Fig. 1). The x16 PCI Express Gen 4 board…

AI Chips Put to Data Center Tests

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — The rubber is about to meet the road in what’s projected to be a $25 billion market for deep-learning accelerators. Data centers are testing multiple chips in the labs now and expect to deploy some next year,…

Habana Labs targets AI processors

Habana’s deep learning inference processor, named Goya, is >2 orders of magnitude better in throughput & power than commonly deployed CPUs, according to the company. The company will offer a PCIe 4.0 card that incorporates a single Goya HL-1000 processor and…

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