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Eitan Medina – Video Interview – Cambrian AI Research

Habana’s Gaudi2 delivers amazing deep learning performance and price advantage for both training as well as large-scale deployments, but to capture these advantages developers need easy, nimble software and the support of a robust AI ecosystem.

This week our COO, Eitan Medina, connected with Karl Freund, founder and principal analyst of Cambrian-AI Research, to discuss how Habana is making it easier than ever for developers to leverage the advantages of our first-gen Gaudi and Gaudi2 with Habana SynapseAI Software and our quickly expanding ecosystem partnerships. Through our deep learning work with Hugging Face, PyTorch Lightning, Supermicro, San Diego Supercomputing Center and many others we’re paving the way for developers to put our Gaudi solutions to work on the growing number of large language models, multi-modal models and other such multi-billion parameter workloads.