AI for

Delivering a new level of AI performance and efficiency.

Habana processors are used across industries to deliver cost-efficient and easy-to-implement AI training. From drug discovery in healthcare to fraud detection in finance, our customers are using AI models to meet their industry needs.
AI can execute time-sensitive analyses on brain MRIs to detect strokes, chest X-rays to diagnose COVID, histopathology images to detect and monitor cancer tissue, and cardiac ultrasounds.
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Autonomous vehicle
The autonomous vehicle industry relies on AI to operate components of not only autonomous driving systems, but also advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and industry-related fields like car maintenance, supply chain, and marketing.
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Banking and financial systems depend on AI solutions to streamline financial operations across multiple sectors such as banking, insurance services, loans and credit management, personal finance, digital payments, and wealth management.
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Advancements in AI are so promising that checkout-free technologies can analyze individual items within smart stores, potentially eliminating traditional registers. AI is also used in automatic inventory management to reduce shrinkage in stores.
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