Habana Labs was founded in 2016 to unlock
the true potential of AI by providing
an order
of magnitude improvements in processing
performance, cost and power consumption.
The company set out to develop AI processors
from the ground up, optimized for the specific
needs of training
deep neural networks and for
inference deployment in production environments.
Habana Labs is a fabless semiconductor company
located in Tel-Aviv, Israel, San Jose, California, Gdansk, Poland and Beijing, China
employing over 120 people worldwide. 
It is led by top technologists and entrepreneurs
that built multiple successful semiconductor
companies and is backed by premier venture


David Dahan
Chief Excutive Officer and Co-Founder

Mr. Dahan brings over 20 years of experience in
the semiconductor industry as an executive
and a technology manager. Prior to Habana,
Mr. Dahan was previously the COO at DSP Group,
COO at Prime Sense (acquired by Apple) and
the VP of Operations at CEVA.

Ran Halutz
Vice President, R&D and Co-Founder

Mr. Halutz has over 16 years of experience and
was most recently a Group Manager of Apple.
Prior to Apple, Mr. Halutz was the Director and
Group Manager of Prime Sense and the
manager at CEVA.

Shlomo Raikin
Chief Technology Officer

Shlomo Raikin is an author of 45 patents.
Prior to Habana, Mr. Raikin was the Chief
Architect at Mellanox and a Project Architect
at Intel.

Eitan Medina
Chief Business Officer

Prior to Habana, Mr. Medina was the VP and GM
of the Fingerprint Business Unit at TDK-InvenSense.
Prior to the TDK acquisition he was VP of Marketing
at InvenSense and VP of Engineering
at Audience
Inc. (acquired by Knowles).

Avi Shadmi
Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Shadmi was previously the CFO at Mintigo,
CFO at PrimeSense (acquired by Apple),
and Gteko
(acquired by Microsoft).