The Habana Labs team looks forward to meeting up with you—researchers, academics, recruitment prospects, and those who are bringing AI to life in the datacenter and cloud—at this year’s Neural Information Processing Systems Conference, aka NeurIPS, which takes place from December 8 to 14 in Vancouver. There we’ll demonstrate our AI Training and Inference technologies, … Read more

HKP 4165

The Habana Labs team is excited to join The Linley Group at its upcoming fall conference, October 23 and 24 in Santa Clara. There we will show our GOYA Inference and GAUDI Training Processors in operation—with both demonstrating industry-leading, benchmarked performance. In addition, Eitan Medina will provide a talk at 2pm on October 23, “Scaling … Read more

Habana AI Summit

This week marked Habana’s second year of showing working hardware and demonstrating leading AI performance at the AI Hardware Summit. At last year’s summit, Habana stepped out of stealth to introduce the company and our Goya Inference Processor. This year at the Summit marked more progress for the company and its products—inference AND training. This … Read more

Hot Chips

The Habana team was thrilled with the turn-out of so many AI business leaders and academic gurus at this year’s Hot Chips. Thank you to those of you who attended and provided comment on Eitan Medina’s talk on Habana’s approach to scaling AI Training systems and update on our Goya Inference processor’s leading performance on … Read more

AI hardaware summit

Habana features GAUDI Training and GOYA Inference Processors at this year’s conference At Habana, we have fond memories of AI Hardware Summit 2018—it was where our company came out of stealth to surprise attendees with not only the emergence of our company, but also the launch of our GOYA AI Inference Processor with a live … Read more

Hot Chips Logo

Join Habana Labs on Monday, August 19 at Hot Chips 2019: A Symposium on High Performance Chips. The Hot Chips conference, which is sponsored by the IEEE Technical Committee on Microprocessors, focuses on the latest advances in semiconductor chip design and implementation. On Monday, August 19 at 6:15 at the conference, Eitan Medina, Habana’s CBO, … Read more

EM DD Whitney with Gaudi demo

When: June 18 – 21Where: Beijing International Hotel Convention Center, Booth #206 What: Unmatched AI Performance and Versatility with GAUDI and GOYA Habana Labs was pleased to demonstrate its newly debuted GAUDI AI Training processor and GOYA AI Inference processor, shipping since 2018, at the O’Reilly AI Conference in Beijing. Both processors, built from the … Read more