See you at AI Hardware Summit 2019

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Habana features GAUDI Training and GOYA Inference Processors at this year’s conference

At Habana, we have fond memories of AI Hardware Summit 2018—it was where our company came out of stealth to surprise attendees with not only the emergence of our company, but also the launch of our GOYA AI Inference Processor with a live demonstration of industry-leading inference performance.

It’s been a landmark year for Habana. GOYA has been shipping since Q4 last year and is the first back end for Facebook’s GLOW compiler and runtime project. We also fulfilled our promise—to launch the GAUDI AI Training processor during Q2 of 2019 and are pleased GAUDI has delivered two industry firsts: record-breaking performance in small batches as well as at large scale, and the industry’s only on-chip integration of RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCEv2), an innovation we expect to be transformative for AI systems scale-out and scale-up.

So, please come to check out our live demos of both GOYA and GAUDI in our booth. And, join us for the deep-dive workshop and panel that we’re sponsoring.

If you’re not yet registered for the Summit, be sure to use the Habana10 code to get a discount of 10% off the price. See details.

AI Hardware Summit

A Standards-Based Approach to Scaling AI Datacenter Capacity and Performance; a by invitation session on “how to” efficiently scale AI datacenter capacity and performance. Please let the event organizer know if you’re interested in attending this workshop.
Presenter: Eitan Medina, Habana Labs Chief Business Officer

DAY 1 PANEL: 5:10pm
Developments and Impacts of Emerging Industry Standards on the AI Datacenter; immediately precedes the Day 1 closing keynote, followed by cocktail reception.
Panelists: Samar Dalal, Senior Manager Architecture & Design Uber; Cliff Young, Software Engineer Google Brain; Lingjie Xu, Director Applied AI Architecture Alibaba; Whitney Zhao, AI Hardware System Architect Facebook; Eitan Medina, Chief Business Officer, Habana Labs

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