Introducing the Intel® Gaudi® 3 accelerator for high-performance high-efficiency Gen AI compute.

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Built for the Large-Scale Era of AI.

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High Performance.
High Efficiency.

As enterprises and organizations look to seize the growing advantages of AI, the time has never been better for AI compute that’s faster yet efficient. Efficient on cost, power, and your time and resources. That’s why you’ll want to give Intel® Gaudi® AI processors a try.

Intel® to Bring Choice to Enterprise GenAI Market

Intel® Gaudi® 3 AI accelerator for generative AI

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Developer Fundamentals for Intel® Gaudi® Accelerators

Intel® Gaudi® software version 1.16.0

We’re excited to introduce the release of Intel® Gaudi® Software

Built and Architected for
Deep Learning Training and Inference.

The Intel® Gaudi® AI acceleration platform was conceived and architected to address training and inference demands of large-scale era AI, providing enterprises and organizations with high-performance, high-efficiency deep learning compute.

Deep Learning Compute Performance

Based on MLPerf results,
Intel® Gaudi® 2 AI accelerators are the ONLY viable alternative to Nvidia’s H100 for training large language models like GPT-3*
*MLPerf GPT-3 Benchmark, Dec, 2023
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Efficient Design
Lowers Cost

Intel® Gaudi® AI architecture has demonstrated up to 40% better price/performance on Amazon EC2 instances.
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Near-linear Scalability

With 24 100 GbE ports
integrated onto every
Intel® Gaudi® AI accelerator,
system scale-out is massive,
flexible and cost-effective.
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Migrate Models with Ease and Support

Our Intel® Gaudi® Software optimized for performance and
ease of use, lowers the bar to
model build and migration.
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Intel® Gaudi® AI Accelerators
Designed at inception for the Large-Scale Era.
Intel Gaudi
Intel® Gaudi® AI accelerator
First-generation delivering
price/performance leadership for both deep learning and inference.
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Intel® Gaudi® 2 AI accelerator
Second-generation delivering competitive performance and efficiency for deep learning training and inference.
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Intel® Gaudi® 3 AI accelerator
Third-generation delivering competitive performance for Gen AI enterprise applications.
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Gaudi 3 card
Explore Intel® Gaudi® AI Accelerator Usability & Intel® Gaudi® Software
Intel® Gaudi®
Software Suite
Optimized, for deep learning model development and to ease migration of existing GPU-based models to Intel® Gaudi® AI accelerator platform hardware.
Explore Usability
AI in Industries
AI/Deep Learning has been shown to be useful to nearly everyone in nearly every experience—and increasing in value delivery.
See how AI in autonomous driving is on the verge of transforming the transportation industry to be safer and more efficient.

AI in AV

AI can assist in AV driving systems as well as other industry related fields

See how AI in healthcare can execute time-sensitive analyses to detect strokes, chest X-rays and diagnose COVID.

AI in Healthcare

AI can execute time-sensitive analysis of MRI’s, chest X-rays and histopathology images.
See how AI in banking and financial systems depend on globally streamlined financial operations across multiple sectors.

AI in Fintech

Fintech depends on AI to streamline operations such as loan and credit management.
Advancements with AI in retail are so promising that checkout-free technologies can analyze individual items within smart stores.

AI in Retail

AI in retail is used for automatic inventory management and checkout-free technologies.