8 Card Server

Today the MLPerf organization announced performance results for Inference processors and systems for the first time. Habana’s Goya has been in production since December 2018 and is reported in the Available category. Helping readers sort out the different categories and performance metrics, MLPerf has provided an excellent paper which can be accessed here . MLPerf splits … Read more


Goya outperforms T4 GPU on key NLP inference benchmark BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) is a language representation model based on the Transformer neural architecture, introduced by Google in 2018. This approach was quickly adopted by many as it offered improved accuracy, as well as further contributed to the trend of transfer-learning with a … Read more

Habana compare

While the Habana GOYA™ AI Inference processor is relatively new to AI processing, having been introduced only in September 2018, its performance is redefining what customers can expect from a processor that’s custom-designed and optimized for AI inference. On the ResNet-50 benchmark, GOYA is outpacing performance of its closest rival, the T4 processor, by a … Read more