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New MLCommons Results Highlight Impressive Competitive AI Gains for Intel

This Intel NewsByte was originally published in the Intel Newsroom. Habana Gaudi2 and 4th Gen ...
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Habana® Gaudi®2 Powers Deep Learning Instances on Genesis Cloud at Collision 2023

Habana Labs, an Intel company, and Genesis Cloud are collaborating to deliver a new class ...

Equus Lab-as-a-Service with Habana Gaudi2 Processors Eases Testing and Deployment of Deep Learning Systems

Equus and Habana have teamed up to simplify the process of testing, implementing and deploying ...

New Habana Autonomous Driving Use Case Enabled with Gaudi Processors

Announcing a new End-to-End use case showing Training of a semantic segmentation model for Autonomous Driving
Gaudi2, Training

Accelerating Distributed Training Performance using EFA Peer Direct on Gaudi-Based AWS EC2 DL1 Instances

AWS and Habana collaborated to enable EFA Peer Direct support on the Gaudi-based AWS DL1 ...

New Habana AI Retail Use Case Enables Automated Store Shelf Management with Gaudi Processors

AI is becoming increasingly important for retail use cases.  It can provide retailers with advanced ...
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Faster Training and Inference: Habana Gaudi®-2 vs Nvidia A100 80GB

In this article, you will learn how to use Habana® Gaudi®2 to accelerate model training and inference, and train bigger models with 🤗 Optimum Habana.
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Pre-Training the BERT 1.5B model with DeepSpeed

In this post, we show you how to run Habana’s DeepSpeed enabled BERT1.5B model from our Model-References repository.
BERT, DeepSpeed, developer, Gaudi, Gaudi2, pytorch, synapseai

Release of SynapseAI® version 1.6.0

The Habana team is happy to announce the release of SynapseAI® version 1.6.0.  In this ...
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The Habana® Labs team is happy to announce the release of SynapseAI® version 1.5.0.

SynapseAI 1.5 brings many improvements, both in usability and in Habana ecosystem support. For PyTorch ...
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Habana Gaudi2 at Intel Vision 22

The Habana team is excited to have launched our next-gen 7nm training and inference processors, ...
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