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Habana Gaudi2 at Intel Vision 22

The Habana team is excited to have launched our next-gen 7nm training and inference processors, Gaudi2 for training and Greco for inference, this morning on stage at Intel Vision 22. 

Sandra Rivera, Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Datacenter and AI Group at Intel, announced Gaudi2 and its leap in performance and efficiency. Eitan Medina, Chief Operating Officer at Habana, provided a live demo of Gaudi2 performance that showed the processor outperforming Nvidia’s A100 by a factor of ~2x for training ResNet-50, one of the industry’s most popular models for computer vision. 

Customers tell us they want two things for AI training: affordable deep learning solutions that train faster. Gaudi2 excels in delivering faster time-to-train while lowering total cost of operations. The new Gaudi2 is available to customers and Greco will be available in 2H this year.

For more details on how Gaudi2 and Greco can bring speed to your AI compute while lowering costs, please contact us.

habana intel vision
habana intel vision
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