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Intel’s Habana Labs Unveils Gaudi2, Greco AI Processors

At the hybrid Intel Vision event today, Intel’s Habana Labs team launched two major new...
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Intel Launches Deep Learning Processors To Address The ‘Complex Nature Of AI Workloads’

During its Vision 2022 event, Intel Tuesday launched its second-generation Habana AI deep learning processors that...
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Intel Debuts Data-Center Chips Aimed at Fending Off Nvidia, AMD

Intel Corp. is rolling out new processors designed for data centers, a lucrative market where it’s...
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Intel Habana Launches 2nd Gen AI Chips

Habana launches new chips for training and inference, claiming 2X performance advantage over last generation...
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Intel’s Habana unit reveals new Nvidia A100 challengers

INTEL VISION Intel is ramping up its efforts to take on GPU giant Nvidia in...
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Training On AWS with Habana Gaudi

During the research for this blog, I discovered that “Gaudi” means “fun” in German. I...
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AWS Decommoditizing Compute With Re:Invent 2020 EC2 Announcements

The AWS re:Invent event marks the last and largest conference I will attend in 2020...
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Intel Has Been Missing an AI Business to Compete With Nvidia. It’s Finally Here

Intel said this week that it had formed a partnership with’s cloud computing division...
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AWS Invests in Habana AI Training Chips

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has invested in Habana Gaudi AI training chips for its cloud...
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AWS previews ultra-efficient AI instances for neural network training

Amazon Web Services Inc. today previewed an upcoming cloud compute instance series that will enable companies...
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AWS and Intel Announce Gaudi (Habana)-based EC2 Instances for AI Training

As customer validations go, it’s safe to say AWS is at the high end –...

AI Sparks Hyper-Competition, Summit Points to the Future for Accelerators

Rick Merritt writes, "Among other standards efforts, Xu applauded Habana’s use of Ethernet as an...
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Habana Takes Training And Inference Down Different Paths

Michael Feldman writes, "Not only do these two application areas [training and inference] present significantly...
Habana Takes Training And Inference Down Different Paths
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Hot Chips 31 Live Blogs: Habana’s Approach to AI Scaling

Dr. Ian Cutress of AnandTech provides a fairly comprehensive slide-by-slide blog of Eitan Medina's talk...
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Habana Debuts Record-Breaking AI Training Chip

Sally Ward-Foxton writes, "Habana has unveiled an AI training chip built on the same [Goya]...
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Habana Labs Launches its Gaudi AI Training Processor

Frederic Lardinois writes, "...Gaudi chips beat GPUs in raw performance, it’s the company’s networking technology...
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AI Chip Start-up Releases Training Accelerator to Challenge GPUs

Michael Feldman of The Next Platform, "Perhaps the biggest potential strength of Gaudi will be...
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Facebook open-sources hardware for AI model training and inference

Facebook is donating AI platforms to the Open Compute Project, an organization that shares designs...
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AI Chip Startup puts Inference cards on the table

In the deep learning inferencing game, there are plenty of chipmakers, large and small, developing...
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Habana Wins Cigar for AI Inference

"Habana is the only one to demonstrate better-than-Nvidia performance on production silicon."  Linley Gwennap, February...
Microprocessor Report on Inference
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Habana, the AI chip innovator, promises top performance and efficiency

Habana is the best kept secret in AI chips. Designed from the ground up for...
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Open-Source Linux Driver Published For Habana Labs’ Goya AI Processor

Today Habana published Goya's initial open-source Linux kernel driver patches for review to potentially include...
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“Habana Smokes Inference Incumbents”

Habana’s Goya sets a new benchmark, demonstrating the advantage of a clean-sheet DNN design.
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Habana Labs Secures $75M in Series B Financing Led by Intel Capital

Nov. 15, 2018 -- Habana Labs, Ltd. (, today announced it has secured $75 million in...
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בינה מלאכותית יעילה יותר: הסטארטאפ הבאנה לאבס גייס 75 מיליון דולר

את הסבב הובילה זרוע ההשקעות של אינטל
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Habana Labs Raises $75M for AI processors, including Intel investment

Habana Labs, a start-up based in Tel-Aviv, Israel, raised $75 million in an oversubscribed series...
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Habana Labs Announces The World’s Highest Performance AI Inference Processor

Habana Labs, Ltd., today announced it is officially out of stealth mode and is sampling...
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Habana unveils world’s fastest AI chip – 3x faster than Nvidia

Israeli company Habana Labs claims to have developed a processor three times faster than that...
Avigdor Willnez
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Move Over GPUs

Startup's Chip Claims to Do Deep Learning Inference Better Habana Labs, a startup that came...
ResNet-50 Performace Report
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AI Chips Put to Data Center Tests

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — The rubber is about to meet the road in what’s projected...
AI Chips in Data Center
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Habana Enters Machine-Learning Derby with Goya Platform

The Goya HL-1000 board is designed to deliver high performance and low latency for machine-learning...
Machine Learning Derby
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Startup’s AI Chip Beats GPU

Habana outruns Nvidia in inference SAN JOSE, Calif. — A startup with ties to Amazon...
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Habana Labs targets AI processors

Habana's deep learning inference processor, named Goya, is >2 orders of magnitude better in throughput...
Habana Goya Inference Solution
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AI Inference Processor Cranks Up Performance Levels

Habana Labs describes its Goya HL-1000 as the world’s highest performance artificial intelligence (AI) inference...
AI Habana processors