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Storage for AI Productivity

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Habana partners with DDN

To enable Enterprise AI data center customers optimize data management and increase AI productivity.
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Turnkey AI Solution: featuring Gaudi-powered Supermicro X12 AI Training Server with DDN AI400X2 Storage Appliance

Habana partners with DDN and Supermicro to bring a new level of productivity and price/performance to the Enterprise AI data center with our turnkey AI solution integrating the SMC X12 AI Server and DDN AI400X2 Storage Appliance. Designed for customers who need more AI training but require lower TCO, our turnkey solution provides ease of data center implementation and scalability with AI performance and efficiency. So, customers can TRAIN MORE, SPEND LESS.

Supermicro X12 Gaudi AI Training Server

SuperMicro server

This turnkey AI
combination features:

  • DDN storage improves data management to increase overall AI system productivity.
  • Pre-configured solutions feature 1-, 2- and 4-server options.
  • Scalable architectures of Gaudi, the X12 and the DDN AI400X2 eases expansion to larger clusters.
  • Gaudi’s on-chip integration of industry-standard RoCE provides flexible and cost-effective system scaling.
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Storage Appliance

For more information, read the Intel/Habana Whitepaper featuring DDN storage and the Supermicro X12 AI Server

Habana offers extensive
support for data scientists, developers, and IT and Systems Administrators with its:

Habana Developer Site: featuring documentation, customer-available software, “how to” content, community Forum

Habana GitHub: providing reference models, set-up and install instructions, snapshot scripts for analysis and debug, custom kernel examples,
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Learn more about Gaudi and Goya Systems for on-premises implementation.